Order of Water Crystal Photographs

Categories of Water Crystal Photographs

Office Masaru Emoto is accepting the order to take water crystal photographs, from outside of our company, of different kind of waters as shown below.

  1. Natural Waters
  2. Tap Waters
  3. Mineral Waters on the Market
  4. Water Exposed to Music
  5. Water Exposed to Word
  6. Water Exposed to Photograph
  7. Water Exposed to Chi Energy or Healing Energy
  8. Comparison of Water Crystal Photographs of Waters Before/After Treatment with A Water Purifier
  9. Comparison of Water Crystal Photographs of Waters Before/After Any Other Treatment
  10. Etc.

For the waters in 1 to 3, please send us your water following the method described below. Yet, please understand that, as for the waters whose mineral contents are expected to be very high, such as seawater, hard water in Europe, blood, urine and so on, it will be VERY difficult to observe any good-shaped water crystals because of the physical or chemical reason that the mineral content is very high. It may have nothing to do with the vibrational information contained in the water sample. In this case, there can be an option first to dilute the sample 1,000 to 10,000 times with distilled water and then observe water crystal images.

In the case of 4 to 6, we usually use purified water as a control – actually we are using “Detox Pure Water” which is distilled water for drinking – and expose this water to music, word or photograph, and then, we will take its water crystal photographs. In this kind of experiments, you do not need to send any water to us. In the case of 4, that is music, you can send us the music CD of the music or its digital file as an attachment of your e-mail to us. In the case of 5, that is word, please let us know what kind of word you would like to show to the water. We print that word onto a sheet of white paper with a printer and show it to water. In the case of 6, that is photograph, please send the photo or image to us via mail that you would like to show to water or send us its digital file as an attachment of your e-mail.

In the case of 7, you can send us the water that has been already treated by you with your chi energy or healing energy. Or you can send your chi energy or healing energy to the control water at our office.

In the case of 8 to 9, you can send us both waters before and after the treatment, or you can send us the device or water purifier and we can make water samples before and after the treatment with the device at our office.

How to Send Sample Water

  • Please send us about 1,000 to 2,000 ml of water in a PET bottle or a glass bottle (after washed thoroughly with clean water and dried). Make sure to tighten the cap, and wrap the bottle with 2 to 3 sheets of aluminum foil.

Cautions Upon Ordering Water Crystal Photographs

  • Basically, we do not return to you the water or bottle that was sent to us.
  • We do not accept any dangerous water.
  • If you would like to expose water to a photograph of a person or a name of a person, at least you need permission from that person.
  • Copyright of the water crystal photographs that is taken by Office Masaru Emoto belongs to Office Masaru Emoto, LLC.
  • If you would like to use the water crystal photograph(s) for any commercial purpose such as in flyers, books or products, you can use it by paying some amount of license fee to us. In this case, please consult us. If you have used such water crystal photograph(s) without any contract with us for commercial purpose, then you will need to pay a penalty.

How to Take Water Crystal Photographs

Actual procedure to take water crystal photographs is as follows.

  1. We put a drop of sample water (about 1 ml) onto each of 50 plastic Petri dishes per sample using a disposable plastic dropper (Photo 1).
  2. After each dish is covered with a plastic lid (actually we are using the normal plastic Petri dish upside down), we store all the dishes inside a freezer at -25 degree Celsius for more than 3 hrs. The water drops become ice.
  3. The freezer and light microscope are placed in a cold room at about -5 degree Celsius. We are using an epi-illumination type of metallurgical microscope (Photo 2). The photographer takes each dish one by one and place it on the stage of the microscope.
  4. When you see from the side, the ice on the dish is bulging (Photo 3). We illuminate the tip of the ice using the epi-illumination system (Photo 4).
  5. We record the water crystal image with a digital single-lens reflex camera as an digital image file.

Price for Water Crystal Photographs

  • 50,000 Japanese YEN for one water sample, plus 5,000 Japanese YEN as a handling charge.
  • In case of one water sample, it will be 50,000 + 5,000 = 55,000 Japanese YEN.
  • In case of two water samples, it will be 100,000 + 5,000 = 105,000 Japanese YEN.
  • In case of one water samples, it will be 150,000 + 5,000 = 155,000 Japanese YEN.
  • And so on.

How to Order Water Crystal Photographs

If you would like to order water crystal photographs from us, please download the Application Form of Water Crystal Photographs at the following link, fill the spaces with necessary information and your signature, and send it to us via mail, fax or as an attachment to your e-mail.

Download the Application Form of Water Crystal Photographs (PDF file)

Contact and Address to Send Your Water

NS Bldg. 2F, 2-6-11 Higashi-nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004, JAPAN
TEL +81-(0)3-3863-0216, FAX +81-(0)3-3866-5353
e-mail: crystal(a)hado.com
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If you have any questions, feel free to call us, fax to us or send your e-mail to us.