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Brief Introduction of Our Company

Office Masaru Emoto LLC started on January 23, 2008, as a company for the management of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, our former President and the author of world-wide best-sellers such as “Message from Water” (1999, HADO Kyoikusha, Co., Ltd.) and “Hidden Messages in Water” (2001, Sunmark Publishing,Inc), and for the taking care of water crystal photography.

With the late Dr. Masaru Emoto
(October 4, 2013)

Regrettably, former President Emoto passed away on October 17, 2014, and then Yasuyuki Nemoto, one of the staff of Office Masaru Emoto and Director of IHM General Institute, was selected as President of Office Masaru Emoto on June 18, 2015. We have been succeeding the intention of the late Dr. Emoto and continuing our activity to educate people on water.

On May 31, 2018, Nemoto resigned President of Office Masaru Emoto, and he has been an Adviser to Office Masaru Emoto since June 1, 2018. Hiromasa Emoto, President of IHM Co., Ltd. has been also President of Office Masaru Emoto since June 1, 2018.

“Message from Water” and Criticism on It

In his books such as “Message from Water” and “The Hidden Messages in Water”, it has been suggested by water crystal technology developed by his own idea that water is affected by our consciousness, thought, emotion, prayer, chi energy, image, music and written words. In one sentence, these books are suggesting the possibility that water can memorize information.

“Message from Water” written by Masaru Emoto
(June 1, 1999)

However, there has been a criticism from some scientists that it is impossible and non-scientific. Originally, Dr. Emoto was not a scientist, and therefore, his books were not written as those of science. In this sense, those books can be said to be non-scientific. Yet, it does not follow that the suggestion that water can memorize information made by those books was wrong in the name of science.

Development of “New Science of Water”

Fortunately, we were able to have a connection with several of the world’s top scientists and researchers in the area of water research just before Dr. Emoto passed away, and we have been gradually learning the trend of the latest science of water.

With Dr. Gerald Pollack
(October 10, 2014)

During this process, we have explored the concept of “The Fourth Phase of Water” proposed by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington and the phenomenon called “DNA Teleportation” found by Dr. Luc Montanier, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 because he discovered Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) responsible for AIDS, and so on. And we have known that “Memory of Water” is discussed as one of the common-sense topics in the community of the newest science of water.Especially, Dr. Pollack has been highly evaluating “Message from Water” as the work suggesting “Memory of Water” although it was not written as a scientific report, and respecting the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Two Important Roles of Water

We believe that two of the most important roles and functions of water now being considered in the area of latest science can be summarized as follows.

  1. WATER memorizes and transmits INFORMATION.
  2. WATER stores and converts ENERGY.

We believe that the 1st point was proven almost completely by the researches performed by the late Jacques Benveniste during the 1980s and 1990s and by Dr. Montagnier in the past 10 years utilizing the latest biotechnology, who had actually succeeded Dr. Benveniste’s work.

The 2nd point was also proven almost completely by the research on “The Fourth Phase of Water” by Dr. Pollack.

Reasons for Existence of This Site

On this site, we try to explain using easily understandable terms even for beginners several topics such as “Message from Water”, “New Science of Water”, “Problem with Artificial Electromagnetic Waves” (There is a possibility that the bad effects of artificial electromagnetic waves is related with the memory function of water in our body), and so on, and provide you, visitors to this site, with genuine information regarding those topics.

Upon showing you those kind of information, we would like to be at a neutral position as much as possible, yet this is difficult even in the area of science. Therefore, we would like to ask those of you who access this site to have a discriminating mind and to use the information on this site effectively.

In addition to providing information, we will tell you on this site about the reports of our activities on education, the future schedule, and the information on several products which we recommend you with confidence.

Last but not least, we pray with Love and Gratitude that your life on this watery planet Earth will be a completely satisfied one.

Yasuyuki Nemoto, Adviser to Office Masaru Emoto
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